Proven, easy to be proven, Trusted & easy to work on

The most hassle-free Partnership proposal comprising new way of Digital online Selling & Management in the hospitality industry

About OPULENCE Affiliate

Through lengthy stages of concept preparation and the right momentum to get the full team of expert trendsetters to jump on board, OA has finally come out with a new way of hotel management services company with better approach on how to effectively use digital and online based analytical data management system. We are also known as the #7th Virtual Hotel Operator (VHO) in the world. We are not the same, and we set big differences in the way we look at the challenges facing the industry and catering our unique fairness and practical solutions compare to our existing peers in the market.

Opulence Affiliate principles:

  1. Transparency, Fair & Just (proven Facts)
  2. Quick & Practical Digital Platform Solutions (Hassle free)
  3. Secure & Realtime settlement. (Trusted)

Opulence Affiliate Products:

  1. Opulence Virtual Affiliation
  2. Opulence E-commerce Support
  3. Opulence Recovery Business
  4. Opulence e-finance support

Opulence Affiliate has 30yrs+ up to date professional experiences comprising of:

  1. Team of expert in managing respectable hotels both local & Overseas
  2. As Trainer for Digital & E-Commerce on OTA platform,
  3. Proven Veterans in doing 100+ hotels recovery business
  4. Highly invested in human capitalization Top to bottom.
  5. Strategic management team to support our team of expert
  6. critical global access & extensive database.

Currently Opulence Affiliate is in the frontline nationwide partnering with Hotels, villas & resorts with our effective and easy to be proven:

  • Online Sales Optimalization,
  • Recovery Business solution,
  • Advance deposit payment (ADP)

We make sure our customer can sit back relax as the money on the way amidst the pandemic situation.